Five Element Acupuncture and herb practitioners see people not only as they present themselves in illness but, more importantly, as they would be in perfect health and balance, in full discovery of their true nature, unique in body, mind and spirit.

Moving toward this then becomes the purpose of treatment.

I am known for my gentle approach to treatment. Most sessions are quite relaxing.

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Practiced for over 3,000 years in China, the benefits of acupuncture treatment now are well recognized and documented in western medical journals and in medical institutions across the United States. Acupuncture has become a highly popular form of complementary health care.Example content image - aligned to the left

Five Element Acupuncture:
Ancient Healing for Today's World

There are many styles of acupuncture. I practice a form of acupuncture called Five Element Acupuncture. This is a powerful system of medicine that has been practiced for over 3000 years in China and other Asian countries. Based on the observation of nature, Five Element Acupuncture works by bringing us more into harmony with natural laws and cycles.

The body has great wisdom and ability to heal itself. A primary aim of my work is to assist that process. The deepest healing comes from within.

Each treatment is custom-designed to correct imbalances, strengthen, calm, cleanse and build deep vitality. Symptoms are viewed in the context of the totality and uniqueness of each patient. Treatment addresses the root cause as well as the symptoms that appear on the surface.

Although the roots of Five Element Acupuncture go back into antiquity, it is remarkably effective for modern ills. My patients report pain relief, improved digestion and sleep, greater emotional stability and an increase in vitality and sense of well-being. Please refer to the section on "Conditions Treated by Acupuncture" for further information.

Five element acupuncture is especially supportive in times of stress or transition. It improves mental clarity for decision-making. It is an excellent modality for preventive care, correcting imbalances before they become established diseases. In cases of chronic illness, acupuncture can work side by side with western medicine - strengthening all the organ systems, helping to deal with medication side effects and facilitating the body's own self-healing.